John Fischer



Using Triangles in art is a principal deep rooted in the sub consciousness’ desire for simplicity and completeness. John Fischer looked at art as something if it is too simple then it’s not complete. If it is too complex then it’s not simple. The triangle has the envied position of being the simplest of all the polygons and it has the minimum number of lines required to close the shape and promote it from a simple line to a polygon.

The triangle has hypnotized artists for thousands of years. If you have read a bit about art or paid attention as you look at paintings by masters such as John Fischer then you have an idea what this paragraph and what you see before you is all about. What brilliant use of a single and prominent triangle to create a stunning and simple composition.

This is the artistic ability of John Fischer to create such astonishing works of art for the eye to observe and imagine the creativity of designs to the farthest of imaginations that the mind will take you. It’s like looking at the stars within the galaxy and John Fischer gives you the entire shape all within the context of a triangle. Brilliant……